Lyndsy Kail  


Don't Dress for Dinner (Center Repertory Company)

 "Lyndsy Kail practically steals the show as the hilarious cook" Sally Hogarty, Contra  Costa Times.

  Dr. Faustus (San Jose Repertory Theatre)

"Kail is an irresistibly seductive, androgynous Mephistopheles, evoking the ferocity, twinges of compassion and cosmic regrets of one of Marlowe's most complex creations. Multiplied by a video, she's a delight as all Seven Deadly Sins in a scene that seldom works this well." Robert Hurwitt, SF Gate. 

Manic Pixie Dream Girl (San Francisco Playground and New York Fringe Festival)

"However it is Kail as Lilly who truly shines. She is emotionally available and simple in her delivery, and when Lilly's past catches up to her the mythical veneer falls away, Kail's performance is heart wrenching to watch. It seems odd to say this for non-speaking role, but Kail was born to play this part" Nathaniel Kressen,

The Underpants (Center Repertory Company) 

​"Petite attractive Lyndsy Kail is absolutely charming" -Keith Adour, For All Events.

"Kail and Pinto, as the dysfunctional couple at the middle of all this, deliver some excellent comic bits, including Kail's underwear dance..." -Pat Craig, San Jose Mercury News.

Dying City (Capital Stage Company)

"Kail and Deverman deliver superlative performances, unraveling as they strip away pretense and get to the awful, honest truth." -Jim Carnes, Sacramento News and Review"

​The actors are extraordinary as they move between the two nights...Kail similarly deftly flips the emotional heart of her character as the scenes toggle back and forth." -Marcus Crowder, The Sacramento Bee

BOB (B Street Theatre)

​"Lyndsy Kail has become very familiar with Sacramento audiences...Along with her very funny portrayal of several characters in “Bob,” she is very loving and sweet as Bob’s adoptive mother" -Bill Burgua, Sacramento Press

Searching for Eden (B Street Theatre)

"Add great comic acting with good chemistry between Jason Kuykendall and Lyndsy Kail. The result is another funny show with more to it than just the humor that the B Street Theatre is so well known for." Bill Burgua, Sacramento Press

Circle Mirror Transformation (B Street Theatre)

"Kail is well cast as the conflicted but flirty Theresa. Her Theresa goes through a very believable process away from self-delusion to self-discovery. Maybe Theresa's last relationship and career weren’t all she thought they were. " -Bill Burgua, Sacramento Press

The Owl and the Pussycat  (Sacramento Theatre Co)

​"Long-limbed Lyndsy Kail flashes a high voltage smile as she presents an attractive blend of confidence, sensuality and vulnerability.”-Jeff Hudson, Capital Public Radio

The Importance of Being Earnest (Sacramento Theatre Co)

"Chemistry is never far from the stage as all three couples clicked with each other, most especially the young, imaginative Cecily and the jittery over-the-top man-about-town Algernon Moncrieff, played respectively by Lyndsy Kail and Theo Black."- Maxwell McKee, Sacramento Press